Stella Give Beautifully


branding, art, installation, interactive


December, 2015


Mother NY
Stella Artois




techlead, developer


Large-scale installation for Stella Artois, on show in a pop-up event in New York and Buenos Aires, allowed visitors to witness a starry sky made up of 145 Kinetic LED Lights, 317 Static LED Balls and over 2500 individual LED lights. They were carefully arranged in clusters that become less dense towards the edges to give the impression of an infinite night sky. The installation is fully interactive - when users reach their hands up, they cross a tracking layer that brings the lights down towards their palms. Certain stars are also linked to the cameras that capture a photo of the guest reaching up. The captured photos can be selected on the tablet after leaving the experience room. Apart from the visual aspect the installation had a interactive multichannel audio system with the real stellar sounds that came out from a collaboration with NASA. The scientists brought the waves that stars emit into audible spectrum.
On the first day of the show taking place in New York we had a Live Performance of John Legend. For that purpose we have created a remote control app for a tablet that allowed us to change parameters of the light show - animations, blending etc. We also had a microphone mounted underneath the piano that allowed us to perform realtime FFT making the lights react to the music.

Technologies used: ArtNet, DMX, Raspberry Pi, openFrameworks, C++, Python, Microsite, Radar Tracking, LEDs, LED Winches, Ableton Live, Spatial Audio, MIDI