Dice+ Once Upon a Time... Man




May, 2014




game developer


Once Upon a Time… Man is a stimulating interactive brain board game, where kids and adults can check their knowledge of history and continue learning. At the very beginning, each player choosestheir owncharacter to play with along with the DICE+ (which creates further excitement, but is not mandatory) to begin the journey through the dynamically generated map, which is different in every game. The main goal of the game is to fulfil the quests related to famous historical characters and events, which are drawn at the beginning of the game.Finishing quests give you ducats, when you are the first to tackle all of them you are the victorious winner of the game! Don’t expect and easyroad to victory as its full of obstacles and unexpected events. Adding another layer of strategy with the use of power ups and boosters, other players can tacticallyderange you from your trail or strengthen their heroes and his statistics!

Technologies used: Dice+, Mobile, Unity3D