MASZ_IN Light painting


3d printing, art, mobile, animation, short film


September, 2015




COAUTHOR, Software and Hardware Engineer


A 3D router, a camera and a tablet driven and synchronized by bespoke software become the key to an animation where the protagonist is the light. The short film was awarded first prize in the UPC Digital Art contest. The technique used is called light painting - where a moving light source is captured by a camera using long exposure times. The source of the light is a tablet running Unity3D app that displays slices of an animated 3D model. As the tablet advances on the Z axis different slices are displayed. For each frame a router takes the tablet to its starting position and renders each frame one by one. The middleware is a C++ application that syncs the router, the tablet, the DSLR camera and a motion slider. The entire process is fully automated and doesn't require any human intervention. Rendering of each frame takes from 5 - 50s giving a total rendering time of ~10 hours for the entire 30s animation.

Technologies used: Arduino, Unity3D, C++, Cinder, 3D Printing, CNC Router, Light Painting, Long Exposure Photography, Camera Slider