Interactive Drawing


branding, installation, interactive, projection mapping


September, 2016


Echo Investments


Szymon Kabala


techlead, developer


Echo Investment the biggest developer in Poland wanted to make their booth stand out from other competitors during the Shopping Center Forum 2016 happening in Warsaw at EXPO XXI Hall. We have proposed something simple yet eye catching and interactive. The installation consisted of a illustration printed on wood, projector that was augmenting the drawing and bringing it to life. 15 bespoke animations were created to match the drawing that were played back in Watchout 6 Software. Bespoke app written in C++ utilised Lidar device that allowed to detect touch on the drawing and interop with the projection mapping software Watchout. Each drawing when touched triggered the animation and audio to play.

Technologies used: C++, Cinder, Watchout, Projection Mapping