Bose - Virtual Aurality


installation, interactive ,branding, experiential


October, 2016






unity3d developer, projection mapping


In collaboration with Synergy, Bose and Mercedes AMG F1 UNIT9 created a huge physical installation that took inspiration from the real garage. A dark tunnel, rich with garage ambience blasting from speakers, and team members radio comms mounted along the walls led to the two car garage spaces—Lewis’ on the right and Nico’s on the left, recreated to look like an empty garage. After putting on the headphones, guests followed simple projections to help guide them to their starting point. But the moment they flicked a noise canceling switch was when the experience really began.

As official team partner of the Mercedes F1™ team, Bose had unprecedented access to the garage at the legendary Silverstone race track in the UK. Here, the sounds were captured, using spatially aware, ambisonic microphones and a variety of other recording devices. Spot sounds of tools and wheel guns, conversations between mechanics, drivers and engineers, plus the roar of the crowd and the car itself were recorded. The captured audio was then placed within a virtual garage built in the game engine Unity, creating a sonic mirror of the real thing. Using positional tracking via radarTOUCH, users could walk within the virtual garage and hear different sounds based upon their position in the real world. Working with Bose we created a custom casing attached to the headphones which included an orientation device that let users also turn within the space, allowing them to hear dynamic audio.

The installation was first setup for the public around the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.

Technologies used: Unity3D, Arduino, Electronics, Motion Tracking, Binaural Audio, Projection Mapping